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Thuraya al-Shahrī discusses the current educational system in Saudi Arabia. She criticizes "male only" universities and stresses the importance of female education for future generations.
Patrick Sookhdeo is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, a Christian research organization that specialises in the study of Christian minorities in Islamic states. Born in British Guyana, he converted from Islam to Christianity in his early 20s and now warns,...
Citizenship has attendant duties, rights, and privileges, which means that all citizens are equal before the law regardless of their religion, creed, sex, color, financial status, political affiliation or intellectual stance, Dr. ‘Imād Jād says.
Youssef Sidhom calls for greater communication to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
The article summarizes the opinions of a number of experts concerning the way of fighting extremism and other destructive thoughts in society.
The author defines terrorism and determines its origins, in addition to discussing the history of the political assassinations that started on the Egyptian political scene in the 20th century.
The third meeting of the Council for Human Rights and civil society organizations has called for the establishment of a Ministry of Human Rights and for changes in Egyptian society to prevent sectarianism and discrimination.
The author argues that that managing extremism is a practical and achievable goal today, while the eradication of extremism is an unachievable target.
The author discusses the recent Sinai terrorist bombings, recommending that Sinai’s Bedouins, who seem likely to be involved in the attacks, live in circumstances that are a fertile ground for the breeding of terrorism.
There are many factors that have contributed to the escalation of violence among youths, including the education system, which depends on memorizing school subjects rather than understanding or discussing them, as well as unemployment, the housing crisis and overpopulation problems.


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