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A joint committee has been set up by the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Waqfs [Endowments] to start a program that will celebrate the occasion of the fourteen hundredth anniversary of the entry of Islam into Egypt.
In contrast to Egypt’s banning of books written by Khalil Gibran, the same poet is honored annually in the United States by means of awards given in his name.
Pope Shenouda speaks positively about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak affirming that he is fair, encourages tolerance and hates fanaticism.
The Governor of Northern Sinai is working to make the anniversary celebrations of the entry of Islam to Egypt consistent with the holiness of the event honoring the receiving of Islam and its armies.
Egypt celebrates the passage of 14 centuries since the Arab Conquest of Egypt "to promote [its] historical value ... and to affirm that Egypt is the cradle of religions..." Celebrations counter the argument that the aim of the Arab conquest of Egypt was to loot its wealth and conquer its Copts.
Egyptian people disappeared from Islamic historical books, making Egypt to seem as if it was, on the eve of occupation, an empty, uninhabited stretch of land. Hardly any references have been made to the Egyptian people or the Copts. By omitting the Coptic age in syllabuses they think in a non-...
The Minister of Education Dr. Hussein Bahaa’ Al-Din insists that the existing educational syllabuses are against extremism, addiction and ethnic discrimination, and teach tolerance and that while there is a deficiency in some syllabuses he has charged d the Higher Committee for History with the...
On the eve of the Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of the Holy Qur’an Revelation) President Mubarak urged "Muslims to deeply adopt the principles of tolerance and reject extremism and fanaticism.
A spokesman of the Ministry of Interior revealed on December 21 the police was investigating an incident in Qaliub, north of Cairo, whereby residents reportedly took the law in their own hands, causing widespread destruction.
Sidhom discusses Tarek Heggy’s philosophy about the principle of ’accepting the other’. "That deserves to replace the principles of tolerance as a distinguishing mark of civilization in tomorrow’s world." he says.


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