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In its report published on May 27, Foreign Policy uncovers the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in fanning the flame of sectarian strife against the Copts in Egypt.
The Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt is one of the most influential political movements in modern history of the Middle East. Until the summer of 2013, when the Egyptian army ousted its regime, it was considered the pioneer of victory for the Arab Spring, and its leaderships to be the ruling power...
Maj. Gen. Abu Bakr `Abd al-Karīm, Assistant of Egypt's Minister of the Interior denied media reports claiming that Saif al-Dīn Mustafa, the hijacker of the Egyptian plane had demanded the release of female prisoners or former president Muhammad Mursi.
Egypt's Al-Hussainī Abu Daif Committee To Protect Journalists called for a candlelight vigil at the Press Syndicate on Tuesday to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of young journalist Mayāda Ashraf who died while covering clashes between Egyptian police and supporters of the Muslim...
Shaikh Nabīl Na`īm, former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihād, said that the Egyptian military attacks that targeted a stronghold of Sinai Province militants in al-Barth south of Rafah came after uncovering the largest secret weapons stock and arresting two terrorists.
Dr. Mokhtār Jūm`ah, Egyptian Minister of Endowments, and chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs announced the signing of the document to reject extremism and racial discrimination, and to send a message of peace from Egypt to the whole world to reject radicalism. The document was...
An Egypt-led resolution on “the effects of terrorism on the enjoyment of human rights”, adopted by vote at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) on 24 March.
The Directorate of Giza Security said that the National Security Directorate has information that Mūstafa Mesbāh, accused of joining the terrorist group Ajnād Misr has contacts with leaders of Al-Qā`eda.
Egyptian security sources confirmed Friday that a booby-trapped car expolded in Nasr City, targeting Judge Ahmad Abu al-Futūh, who is hearing cases which involve the ousted president Muhammad Mursi and other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  
Security sources in Sinai confirmed that Egyptian army forces killed on Friday 28 gunmen belonging to the Islamist radical group Bayt Al-Maqdis during the military operations in Rafah and Shaikh Zūwaid cities, north of Sinai.


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