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The Jamā’ah al- Islāmiyah and the Construction and Development Party has denounced the killing of a police office and 5 conscripts in Matrūh, two days ago. 
Al-Ahrām columnist ʿAbd al-Munʿim Saʿīd writes that Egypt is not only in need for renewal of religious thought and a religious revolution to overcome violence and extremism, but it is also in need for other revolutions in mind, enlightenment and science to be able to change paths of...
The National Democratic Party is being accused of practicing sectarian discrimination against the Copts and of marginalizing them from the political arena. Prof. ‘Amrū Hāshim Rabī‘ advocates for looking at the recent problems from a social, moral perspective rather than a religious and sectarian...
The article criticizes the backwardness Arabs suffer in comparison to Western advancement.
A new bill amending some of the articles of the Hamaiouni law which is concerned with building churches is allegedly being discussed.
Social pressures led to the formation of certain social identifications stressing the concept of fatalism. However, creeds disagree with fatalism, as they call for faith and faith is facultative. Some people say that faith is the only criterion upon which man is rewarded by paradise or punished by...
Did the Islamist project fail or does it continue to form a government in waiting? Interview with the Tunisian sheikh Rashed Al-Ghenoushi (57) who lives in exile in London.
In a speech made in London last week, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook called for a dialogue between the West and the Islamic World and for establishing channels for more cultural exchanges between the two sides.
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