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School curricula focusing on the strong relationship between Muslims and Christians in Egypt are on the cards.
Jād Allāh points out the spread of two opposite inclinations that are influencing Egyptian society; the tendency to religious fanaticism and the tendency to immorality. He believes that these inclinations are due to a number of economical, social and psychological problems in the structure of...
The Czech judicial authorities have turned down a request to return a Qatari shaykh to face trial in his own country. Shaykh Hāmid ‘Abd Allāh al-Thānī was charged of sexual abuse of minors, that is under aged 15 and faces eight years’ imprisonment if he is convicted.
The religion, ideology and politics trinity have been important throughout history. We are now at a turning point when we must define, as a Muslim society, what kind of trinity to choose.
The Egyptian society suffers from schizophrenia. It is a façade of civilization and a core of backwardness. Haja A., the customs service official about whom Adel Hamouda wrote, is an example on this schizophrenia. She is veiled, refuses to accompany men and fasts Mondays and Thursdays. But at the...
A discussion of homosexuality and Egyptian law taken from a bachelor’s thesis on Egyptian law.
African Muslims attack liquor stores in California, not to rob them, but for religious reasons.
Muhammad Shibl argues that the focus on petty issues, such as the mingling of young men and women results in the neglect of issues leading to progress.
The reactions within Church and Coptic institutions towards the culture of licentiousness, spread by video clips [of Arabic songs] are not different from those within Islamic circles. "I am afraid that we are losing out identity. We used to express our pride of our Eastern culture and our adherence...
A member of the Islamic Research Institute suggested new conditions for examining books before giving permission for publishing. The author gives a summary of these conditions and comments on the call to minimize the role of religious institutions in examining and reviewing religious books.


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