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In the previous parts of this debate Maurice Sadek, President of the center of Human Rights and National Unity had accused the Egyptian government of being racist and has asked for its resignation. Sadek continued in this part his dialogue on the religious persecution law that he describes as an...
Many donations are given at mosques associated with members of the Prophet Mohammed’s family, like Sayeda Zeinab or Al-Hussein, or those in which a shrine or mausoleum has been erected to the glory of pious and revered figures.
In the last issue of the debate aired by the Qatari Al-Jezira channel between Maurice Sadek, President of the Center for Human rights and National Unity, and Mustafa Bakri, editor-in-chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, Sadek had said that the Egyptian government is a racist government and should be...
These pictures have exceeded any form of freedom and all forms of art. We have not published them although we have them. Our reason is known. It is that Egypt is a country that respects religions.
The paper criticizes a new film which is shown in Cairo’s cinema’s. The paper asks the opinion of several people, including dr. Yehia Ismail who accuses the sheikh al Azhar of not protecting religious values.


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