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Over 25 years ago, Jasmine learned from her grandmother the telli-craft and took it, after she became adult, as a profession. She has a workshop of dozens of girls, girls' training centers, and her own production in the country and abroad. The pieces she sells in touristic areas are...
According to an eyewitness, a car bombing took place on Monday near a church in Sri Lanka as the bomb disposal squad was trying to deactivate a bomb.   
There are successive news reports about the rising numbers of mass trials and death sentences in Egypt in recent years. The scores of Egyptians who are currently waiting on the death row makes Egypt ranked sixth among the world’s top executioners after China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Iraq...
The Social Solidarity Minister Ghāda Wālī announced that some amendments have been introduced to the Operating Regulation of the Women’s Hosting and Guidance Shelters in an aim to improve their services.   
Like many, I enjoy analyzing certain films for deeper intellectual meaning.  On the surface, the Egyptian film ‘al-Ḍayf’ (The Guest) seems an ordinary story of a liberal intellectual who invites his only daughter’s fiancé home to dinner only to find out that he is a terrorist intent on...
The Muslim Brotherhood attempted to confiscate al-Dustūr newspaper and attacked its printing house during the dawn of Saturday (Aug. 11).
Al- Da’wah al- Salafiah has succeeded in nipping a sectarian strife in the bud in Hūsh ‘Īssá, Beheira.
Pope Tawadros has led the mass for commemorating al- Arba’īn for his mother (traditional occasion of 40 days after someone’s death).
So far, 25 people have died in the bloody conflict between the al-Dābūdīya and the Banī-Hilāl tribes. This marks the beginning of a new phase; as Egyptians are drawn away from the love of tolerance and peacefulness to more violence and anger.  
Minya security forces succeeded yesterday in releasing secondary school Coptic student.


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