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Victims of Personal Status Law Coalition have renewed their rejection of solutions presented to end the controversies around the personal status law for Egyptian Christians.
While preparing for my new book titled “The Information War”, I had difficulty to transfer English terminologies into Arabic.
For the past five years, since the January Revolution, Egypt has suffered a great deal of damage at all levels, economic, political, social, and sectarian, all in an attempt to reach a stage of stability.
After a long struggle in the artistic arena because of intellectual property rights and the right to public performance, the Society of Egyptian authors, composers and music publishers (Sacereau) finally was selected and certified as sole representative of the French Society of Authors, Composers...
Egyptian journalist Muhammad Tāha, the author of a recent book on the Arab Spring, said the social and cultural reality of Egyptian women seems to have gone unchallenged despite their strong participation in the January 25 Revolution.
Major General Tāreq Nasr, Governor of Minya, said that he is checking the authenticity of the kidnapping of 20 young people from the village of Saqiyet Dāqūf vilage, Minya.
Saif al- Dīn Muḥammad Muṣṭafa, the hijacker of the EgyptAir flight, said in his first court hearing in Nicosia, Cyprus, that he would face the death penalty in the event of his deportation to Egypt. 
Al-Mansūrah Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of a man accused of killing an Imam of a mosque in Mansūrah city for 15 days. The Public Prosecution also ordered the autopsy to be carried out.
The second roundtable discussion of “The Unseen and Untold Story of Egyptian Culture”, was held yesterday evening, Friday, in Minya's Public Library Conference Hall. The novelist Hamdi Abu Jalīl and writer `Essām Zuhairi spoke at the event, which was moderated by the writer, Sa`īd al-Kafrāwi.
In her weekly program "Set al-Setāt", broadcast Saturday on Egyptian TV, media presenter Dīna Rāmez denounced the widespread kidnapping cases of children in Egypt lately and its resulting fear in the community. Rāmez explained that the Egyptian society became lost amid mutual accusations of...


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