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Archbishop ʿAṭā Allāh Ḥannā, President of the Greek Orthodox Bishops of Sabastiyya in Jerusalem rejects the imposition of oppressive taxes by the Israeli occuption authorities on church institutions in Jerusalem and on any other international institutions.
The monopolized religious authority is an echo of the political monopolized authority and the result of hard financial conditions and regressing social and educational values.
The controversial draft law banning demonstrations inside mosques, recently submitted by the Ministry of Endowments to the Council of State, was the main focus of al-Ahrām’s recent interview with Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, the minister of endowments.
The author focuses on vows and donations for Egyptian churches, how the financial yield from these funds is spent and the way these funds are managed.
Father Marqus ‘Azīz has discovered that there is someone claiming to be Monk Mitiās Nasr in order to commit fraud.
The article reports on the lawsuit of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Sabour al- Kāshif who is accused of despising Islamic faith and cherishing heretical ideologies.
Information was collected about an extremist group that prompts religious strife in Egypt.
Money may push many to commit illegal acts. Here the author explains how many churches were robbed by certain people who managed to deceive Christian religious men, making use of the “religious bond”.
The author asserts that there is a difference between religiosity and true faith, noting that Egyptian society has a large degree of religiosity but is suffering from a lack of true faith.
Muslim and Christian clergymen stress that the activity of collecting donations for building mosques and churches offends the creed and deforms its sacredness, especially because some of the people who collect such donations took up this activity as their job to make money without being questioned...


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