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The paper criticizes a new film which is shown in Cairo’s cinema’s. The paper asks the opinion of several people, including dr. Yehia Ismail who accuses the sheikh al Azhar of not protecting religious values.
Montasser El-Zayat, generally acknowledged as lawyer and spokesman of the radical Gama’at al-Islamiya, explains in an interview the dynamics within the extremist groups. He asks for a dialogue with these groups.
An interview with Dr. Mohammed Farouk Al-Nabhan, director of the Hassania School for Tradition.
Three men were killed and a woman injured in a shooting in Dairout.
The human rights record of the American police force reveals the hypocrisy of the American system.
A conference on Islam in Africa was held in Tripoli. The scholars participating in the conference said that despite the strong missionary presence in Africa, Islam is spreading.
The nationalist-Islamist mind starts with denying the existence of a problem in the first place. It then compares the problem to larger problems in order to make it seem less. Adel Hussein, the secretary general of the Labor Party, used all these methods in his debate with Saad Al-Din Ibrahim,...
Top on the agenda of problems that have to be solved in the Islamic world is the problem of illiteracy which reached 45% and terrorism which results in some countries in a wrong understanding of Islam.
The Copts of Britain express their agreement and willingness to participate in the meeting of the wise.
Sheikh Sha’arawi was the foremost television preacher and was able to influence millions. Sha’arawi’s aim was to maintain traditional religious values in society through convincing people to adhere to these values. The authors believe he died at a time that the tide of religious conservatism may...


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