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The campaign for the new National Assembly elections in Kuwait got off to a dramatic start. The government ordered a crackdown on unlicensed Islamic charities which it accused of funneling funds collected for Kosovo refugees into electioneering. It then turned on the tribal groups who were...
Odette Skandar, a Christian entrepreneur and president of Egypt and Middle East Company, was chosen to be recognized as one of The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World.
One of the most successful businessman in Egypt [a Copt] is interviewed, specifically about his viewpoint on the Religious Minorities Law legislated by the U.S. Congress. "Those who accuse us of collaboration with the U.S. are ignorant and jealous."
Speaking about accepting one another.
The author is highly critical of this Coptic human rights activist.
Pope Shenouda the third crowns Bishop Philip the first Patriarch of Eritrea.
Decree no. 5755/2009 is issued, stipulating that the name of the village of Deir Abu-Hinnis will remain unchanged.


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