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During his meeting with leaders of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Congressman Frank Wolf raised yesterday the issues of Coptic persecution, Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour’s imprisonment and Sudanese refugees in Egypt.
Egyptian authorities have detained hundreds of Sudanese refugees in several camps in preparation to deport those who have no UNHCR registry documents. About three million Sudanese are living in Egypt; most of them are crushed by abject poverty, including 50 million refugees and asylum seekers, with...
A critique of the Egyptian government’s handling of the Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo.
Claims that Christian missionaries are targeting African refugees and immigrants in Cairo and encouraging them to convert to Christianity in return for work and accommodation.
After negotiations failed to end a three month long sit in being staged by Sudanese refugees in a public square in central Cairo, security forces took measures to end the protest, resulting in a stampede, which killed 25 Sudanese. 76 Egyptian policemen were also injured after demonstrators hurled...
A press release from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Cairo concerning rumors around the demonstrations in central Cairo.
One of the protesters, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mon‘im, 30, said he was forced to leave his country and leave everything he possessed to come to Egypt with his family after the war crushed their nation and security risks reached their peak.
The year report of 2001 including an overview of the special reports written for the RNSAW. The year 2001 was marked by a strong increase in the number of special reports, providing readers with information that is not available elsewhere.
Nearly 40,000 Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan and Syria are unlikely to return home any time soon, despite the recent national elections. Lack of safety is their biggest concern.
The Egyptian weekly Rose el-Youssef published on July 24, 2000, a very negative story about Sudanese refugees in Egypt after Sudanese refugees and Egyptians had clashed in front of the Sacred Hart Church in ‘Abāsīyyah  Cairo, where Comboni fathers are making a great effort to help these refugees....


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