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This article discusses religious hostility in Lebanon and the ideology of faith-based terrorism adopted by the Hizb Allāh.
The article discusses claims about evangelization campaigns taking place in Jordan.
A review of an, as yet unpublished book, Londonistan: How Britain is creating a terror state from within is written, by a seasoned observer of radical Islam, Melanie Phillips.
A Somali-born member of the Dutch parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, quits over her inaccurate asylum application.
After the recent case of a Muslim man, who attempted to convert to Christianity in Afghanistan, the author argues that Germany has a responsibility to stand up for Afghan’s human rights.
While the British Ministry of Interior is reconsidering granting asylum to a previous officer of the Taliban, British sources revealed that the former minister of sports (during the reign of the Taliban) lives in London as an asylum seeker.
Thieves, corrupt and unemployed people who look for an easy life in the luxurious European countries ask for political asylum with the claim that they are persecuted in Egypt. The reasons for their alleged persecution are homosexuality, female circumcision and changing religion.
A report following discussions with young Copts in Germany claiming they had been discriminated and persecuted in Egypt.
This text was reproduced in the Copts Daily Digest, July 31, 2002 where it was spotted by Sout Al-Umma. Small interviewed former Muslim Maged El Shafie in Toronto. The RNSAW provides a comment. It is highly unlikely Small has investigated any of the claims of El Shafie.
The story of a Muslim youth who converted to Christianity was published on a Web site run by Copts. The story was taken from a Canadian magazine and was also published in American newspapers to confirm the American claims concerning the persecution of Copts in Egypt.


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