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The Art of Flight by Davin Anders Hutchins portrays the plight of Sudanese refugees in Egypt and how much they have to struggle for a reasonable life.
Nawwāra Najm writes on the protest camp of Sudanese refugees where they lived for three months, demanding resettlement outside of Egypt, and lashes out at the government for resorting to violence and mishandling the situation.
There are calls for an investigation into the detention of some Sudanese children, including 14-year-old Kashan Adnan, Leila, 6, Adele, 5, Amal, 3, Ibrāhīm, 2, and many others, after the sit-in in downtown Cairo was broken up by Egyptian security forces.
Nearly 400 Sudanese refugees protested yesterday in front of the headquarters of the U.N. High Commission for Refugees in al-Muhandisīn, Cairo, demanding the commission to resume its aid program for them.
Egyptian authorities released 1550 Sudanese refugees after security forces cleared a protest camp in Cairo, an official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told al-Ahrām.
The sit in of a group of Sudanese in Cairo ended in bloodshed with around 600 people being taken to Shibīn al-Kum prison.
During his meeting with leaders of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, Congressman Frank Wolf raised yesterday the issues of Coptic persecution, Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour’s imprisonment and Sudanese refugees in Egypt.
Egyptian authorities have detained hundreds of Sudanese refugees in several camps in preparation to deport those who have no UNHCR registry documents. About three million Sudanese are living in Egypt; most of them are crushed by abject poverty, including 50 million refugees and asylum seekers, with...
A critique of the Egyptian government’s handling of the Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo.
Claims that Christian missionaries are targeting African refugees and immigrants in Cairo and encouraging them to convert to Christianity in return for work and accommodation.


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