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The author reports on an email he received claiming that Sudanese refugees are subject to violent attacks from the Egyptian police.
Human Rights Watch reported that there is an Egyptian official security campaign to crackdown on legitimate refugees who carry identification cards issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Egyptian authorities denied that and defended its record in human rights and tolerance...
Overview of the conditions of Sudanese refugees in Egypt. They endure poor living conditions and too often suffer ill treatment at the hands of authorities and local people.
Sudanese and other African asylum seekers are suddenly detained in large numbers creating great fear in their community in Cairo. This policy is probably related to Egyptian economical difficulties and ordinary Egyptians seeing Sudanese as competitors on an increasingly tight labor market.
The rise of the problem of Africans and Asians who illegally live in Egypt pushed the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labor Power and Immigration Affairs to hold a meeting to solve this problem. A survey of illegal residents in Egypt is now made as a...
Sāmir, a 15-year-old Christian Iraqi, was kidnapped and blindfolded by a group of veiled persons, then led to a dark place, forced to eat raw rice and beaten by a whip so that his screams are recorded on tape to send for his folks and blackmail the
The author writes about high-level talks between Egypt and Sudan following the deadly catastrophe in Cairo in which 27 were killed.
The Art of Flight by Davin Anders Hutchins portrays the plight of Sudanese refugees in Egypt and how much they have to struggle for a reasonable life.
Nawwāra Najm writes on the protest camp of Sudanese refugees where they lived for three months, demanding resettlement outside of Egypt, and lashes out at the government for resorting to violence and mishandling the situation.
There are calls for an investigation into the detention of some Sudanese children, including 14-year-old Kashan Adnan, Leila, 6, Adele, 5, Amal, 3, Ibrāhīm, 2, and many others, after the sit-in in downtown Cairo was broken up by Egyptian security forces.


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