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From July 26 to July 7, the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and the Center for Arab-West Understanding, jointly administered a highly successful intercultural summer school. The school was sponsored through the SGP party (Reformed Political Party) in the Netherlands, who support...
In the mosque of Prophet Muhammad (al- Masjid al- Nabawī) in al- Madīnah al- Munawarah, the first simultaneous translation of a Friday sermon to English and Urdu was held.
Ayad Mossad [ʿAyyād Musʿad] discusses his time as foundation chairman of the Arab-West Report as well as some background information on his life. Accompanied is a contextual commentary included by Cornelis Hulsman.
Side A Reinout Vos first introduces himself and tells Hulsman how he began his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and how he came to Egypt. Vos said that he studied history at Utrecht University, specializing in the history of Malaysia and Indonesia. After completing his Master’s degree,...
Dr Yusrī Hāshim, President of University of Heliopolis, spoke of the summer school for interfaith and intercultural dialogue, organised in cooperation with the Centre for Arab-West Understanding, and sponsored by the Dutch Reform Party.
At 6:00PM Dutch time today, the 8th International Coptic Commission Conference will be launched in the main conferences hall of Amsterdam.
The Observatory of Islamophobia of the Egyptian House of Fatwa warned of the danger of the influence of the Islamic political mainstream on the situation of Muslims in Germany.  The Observatory warned that the influence of such groups could provoke fear and panic among Muslims in the German society...
As part of his pastoral visit to Ireland, Pope Tuwāḍrūs II met with Irish President Michael Higgins and met today with the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.
Egypt's National Center for Translation and Publishing is to held a symposium on “The relations between Europe and Islam: Differing Visions”, coming Thursday.
During his meeting with Egypt's delegation, headed by Ahmad al-Fadālī of Tayyār al- Istiqlāl (Egypt's Independent Movement) currently visiting Italy, Pope Frances I of the Vatican, revealed that he is to visit Cairo very soon.  


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