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The Holy Qur’an gives a prominent place to the Copts among Christians. The Prophet Mohammed’s uncles and his son’s uncles are Copts.
Yesterday, at dawn, the Muslims were performing the festival prayer, and in the evening, the Christians were celebrating" The Day of Epiphany. Accordingly, the way of the Egyptian’s living has changed. The iftar (breakfasting) tables became tables for love, sharing and brotherhood between the...
Pope Shenouda wants to see the boycotts on Iraq and Libya are lifted. He believes the Israeli conflict with the Arabs is a conflict of greed. He also said the problem of the Coptic endowments is close to a final solution, thanks to the government.
There are 70,000 sites on the Internet talking about Islam. The number will be doubled within the coming few years. Some of these sites serve Islam while others present misleading information about it.
The West tries to imposing itself on the Third World. This is evident in analyzing the concept of globalization. The religious dimension of globalization has made the problem of foreign intervention and religious protection, including that of the Copts, an important issue.
For years an idea has been published in the United States saying that the history of life on earth is the history of the struggle between civilizations. The clash of civilizations ended with the victory of the Western civilization and the end of Communism. Now the clash is with Islam.
A critique of Samuel Huntington’s thought.
Qu’ranic verses are forged on the Internet. The site called suralikeit contains Arabic words written in the style and rhythm of the Qur’an to form sentences opposed to it in meaning.
Pope Shenouda the third crowns Bishop Philip the first Patriarch of Eritrea.


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