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Flemming Rose is a Danish journalist, author and since 2010 foreign affairs editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. As culture editor of the same newspaper, he was responsible for the September 2005 publication of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons that led to huge controversy early the...
Arab-West relations have been one of the most controversial relationships in the international arena for decades.
Washington Post  published an article by the Muftī of the Republic Dr. 'Alī Jum'ah  with the title "Prophet Muhammad is ‘the mercy to all worlds’ to Muslims: Egypt’s mufti" on September 18, 2012.
 The American Administration welcomes spreading Sufi Islam throughout its lands and supports Sufi Muslims.   
The author reflects on the campaigns of intolerance against Arabs and Muslims in the West. 
Father Rafīq Greish, Director of the Press Office of the Catholic Church in Egypt has stated that the Catholic Church in Egypt welcomes the return of the Egyptian Ambassador to the Vatican, Mrs. Lami’a Mikhaymar to her post.   He said this represents confirmation of the principle of building...
The news of the American pastor's plans for a mass burning of the Qur'ān on September 11th were deeply shocking for any who wishes for peace and love between people of different religions. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria's stance towards other religions has always been one of respect and...
The aim of this study is to show how modern Arabic literature and poetry could help in the effort to understand modern Arab society and its problems. 
Rose al-Yūsuf interviews Shaykh ‘Alī ‘Abd al-Bāqī in response to police reports issued by activists and lawyers against Islamic books that insult Islam.
Prominent academic translator Noureddine Zouitni gave a lecture at the Goethe Institute in Cairo and a workshop at CIDT. This is a report on the lecture and the workshop.


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