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The American University in Cairo organized a cultural evening on interfaith dialogue.
Rena Netjes is running as a candidate in the European Parliament elections on June 4. She visited the Arab-West Report office at the end of December to discuss her ideas and ambitions. In particular she focused on the need to improve relations and understanding between Europe and the Middle East....
Understanding the other is about finding similarities and differences, not about compromising our own views, states Father Samīr Khalīl. He also believes that the ENAWU project could be expanded in both its scope and influence and comments on the role of the media in promoting dialogue and unbiased...
In his speech for the launch of the ENAWU network, Prince Hassan bin Talal discusses the need to develop global commons and to promote citizenship for all. He further explains the need to advance one ethical standard for all and the importance of dialogue between different cultures.
A camp is organized between Danes and Egyptians to promote dialogue and increase understanding between the Arab world and the West. Abrār al-Ghannām provides her impressions of the two week camp, highlighting activities and presenting her recommendations for such camps in the future.
‘Umar ‘Abd al-Jawād reports about different opinions regarding the latest conference for dialog between religions.
The author discusses the importance of language, particularly as it relates to the mis-communication that can often happen when languages are being translated due to cultural differences that may not necessarily hold true across cultures and languages.
’Lost History’’ by former U.S diplomat and writer Michael Hamilton Morgan seeks to bridge the gap between Islam and the West and to provide a better understanding of the Islamic civilization.
Translation throughout the Arab world is discussed, in particular the difficultly in marketing and distributing translated works.
Jamāl al-Bannā calls for encouraging translations from foreign languages in order to be able to cope with the world’s most updated knowledge.


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