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 A recent research discovered that attacks against Muslims have increased in France over the past few years. The French Islamic Council stated that anti-Islamic acts have increased 11.3% in 2013 and 34% in 2012 and 28.3% in 2011 (Author not mentioned, al- Misrī al- Yawm, Feb. 7). Read original text...
British papers have revealed the story of a an Egyptian youth called ‘Abd al- Majuīd ‘Abd al- Bārī. 
Egypt's Islamophobia Observatory strongly condemned the Dutch far-right MP Geert Wilders’s call for holding a cartoon drawing contest of the Prophet Muḥammad later this year at his party’s parliamentary offices.
Mufti Dr. Shawqī ‘Allām delegated Dr. Ibrahīm Nigm as his representative to take part in the Islam Awareness Week in New York (Author not mentioned, al- Ahrām, Feb. 4). Read original text in Arabic. 
The head of external relations at the Patriarchate of Moscow, Metropolitan Ilarion, expressed the appreciation of the Russian Orthodox Church for the position of the Egyptian leadership concerning Copts in Egypt (Author not mentioned, al- Akhbār, Feb. 1, p. 5). Read original text in Arabic.   
Dubai police prevented Klaus Ulf, a German who heads the Satanists Organization from entering the UAE.
The Washington Post is taking a side that is sympathetic to terrorism, according to the article. The  Washington Post’s report about the terrorist attacks, stated that the perpetrators have chosen a time to reduce the number of victims. For the author this is evidence that the Washington Post...
The number of hate crimes against Muslims have increased in the West in the past year.  The new year started with weaknesses in the legal system that made it difficult tohold the wrong- doers accountable. The newspaper refers to an article on the Datehookup site which stated that anti- Muslim...
The Gaurdian newspaper has decided to publish ads that are said to be funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, requesting David Cameron, British Prime Minister, to cancel the investigations that he ordered of the activities of the organization. 
Anonymous sources stated that the Muslim Brotherhood sent a letter to the Government of the UK, which was published by British newspapers.
Ambassador Mirvat al-Tillāwī, head of the National Council for Women, has reportedly dismissed the delegation of the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM) at a conference held Saturday (May 31), in the Cairo Opera House, to discuss women’s participation in the presidential elections.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Egypt's Foreign Minister Sāmiḥ Shukrī has received a phone call from his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok, apologizing for the cartoon contest offensive to Islam. The contest was supposed to take place at the Dutch Parliament.
Anas al-Tikrītī’s British bank accounts, alongside those of his family and his famed organization, Cordoba Foundation, have been closed by the British government.
From July 26 to July 7, the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development and the Center for Arab-West Understanding, jointly administered a highly successful intercultural summer school. The school was sponsored through the SGP party (Reformed Political Party) in the Netherlands, who support...
Several British banks have frozen over 300 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s bank accounts.
In the mosque of Prophet Muhammad (al- Masjid al- Nabawī) in al- Madīnah al- Munawarah, the first simultaneous translation of a Friday sermon to English and Urdu was held.
iMediaEthics Critiques Misreporting About Egypt
The text of the lecture of Prof. Dr. Hans Achterhuis
Dr. Muḥī al-Dīn ʿAfīfī, secretary of the Islamic Research Academy, called for the unity of the world and the importance of dialogue for promoting peaceful coexistence, particularly at this time in which religion is abused. 
The Association of Egyptian Community (AEC) in Greece condemned the brutal attack carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on one of the Coptic monks who, in a peaceful sit-in in front of the Dayr al-Sulṭān, was defending the Egyptian Coptic right of ownership of the monastery.


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