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British author William Dalrymple showing rapid decline of Christianity in the Middle East. Episcopal Bishop Munīr Hanna Anis explaining the consequences of rumors in Muslim-Christian relations.
The sixteenth conference of the Council of the Catholic Patriarchs of the East, held in Lebanon, discussed the rapid migration of Christians from the Arab World. It referred to the practices of the state in Egypt toward Copts as being the main reason behind Coptic emigration.  
The author discusses the plight of Christians in Iraq.
Reflections on the life of Bishop Samuel on the 25th anniversary of his death.
This article investigates the legitimacy of Max Michel’s church, the Holy Synod for the American Diaspora of True Orthodox Christians.
Subtitle:1- The Higher Council of Islamic Research declares "Changing religious denominations does not allow a Christian to ask for the divorce according to Islamic law.2- It also states "The court has to give the verdict according to the religious laws of the husband.3- The church calls for...
Next month, his holiness the pope will start a journey to meet Coptic emigrants to Britain and the United States. This visit will continue for weeks and will contain visits to a number of cities and states. During his trip, the pope will clarify the position of the church. In a five hour interview...
A collection of quotes from journalists and leading political, academic and religious figures on subjects to do with religious identity, Muslim and Christian relations, Islam in society and Islamic preaching.
The state and overseas Copts should work together to enhance the situation of Copts and to solve their problems.
The Chicago document offers a practical solution to set up an Egyptian lobby in the US. However, the author of the paper has argued that this lobby could never be formed unless full citizenship rights are materialized and Coptic problems are solved.


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