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Celebrating the anniversary of the July 23 Revolution, Egyptian Ambassador to Switzerland, Ms. Nihād Zekrā, sent a formal invitation to the Egyptian Coptic multi-millionaire ‘Adlī Abādīr to participate in the embassy’s celebration.
The author believes that emigrant Copts want to cause a religious riot between the church and the government and to shake the stability of the nation, for the benefit of the Jewish lobby. He stressed that there is no religious persecution in Egypt and that the claims pertaining to Copts facing...
A notification was introduced to the Prosecutor General against the Editor-in-Chief of Sout-Al-Umma because the paper published an article claiming that 70,000 Copt forged rape reports about their wives to get American nationality. The article aroused the anger of Copts and Pope Shenouda said he...
Coptic sources in California discovered that about seventy thousand young Coptic Egyptian men claimed that they were persecuted and submitted false reports stamped with fake stamps about their wives being raped to get access to work and obtain American citizenship.
In his story about living in a town under siege the author writes about the emigration of Christians from the Palestinian areas.
In the article of Mr. Said Abdel-Khaleq in Al-Wafd dated January 19, 2000, reporting on an interview with him Father Makarious Youssef found some statements attributed to him, which he says he did not make. He responds in this article.
The emigration of Copts to the US and other countries in Europe and Australia started to increase in the beginning of the sixties. They looked for a better environment and a way of making a living. Some of them emigrated for personal reasons.
This is the title of the message that was received by Priest Morcos Aziz Khalil of the Virgin Mary’s Church and head of the Archangel Michael Church in Connecticut in the United States. Father Morcos was the patron of the Hanging Church in Egypt before immigrating to the US.
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.


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