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The Chicago document offers a practical solution to set up an Egyptian lobby in the US. However, the author of the paper has argued that this lobby could never be formed unless full citizenship rights are materialized and Coptic problems are solved.
One of the most concerning phenomena in the Middle East region is the continuous declining of the number of Christians in Arab countries that it prompts a serious study about the reasons and possible results.
Youssef Sidhom printed in March an article written by the Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdel - Aziz on the importance of The Survival of Arab Christians, and was criticized for this by a reader who presented him an article with a list of examples of how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia.
According to a report issued this week by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), expatriate Copts remittances significantly boost the national economy.
The author argues that Arab Christians’ loyalty is for their Arab homelands, and they have used Western funds to support resistance movements against the West, even though that West too embraces Christianity.
Celebrating the anniversary of the July 23 Revolution, Egyptian Ambassador to Switzerland, Ms. Nihād Zekrā, sent a formal invitation to the Egyptian Coptic multi-millionaire ‘Adlī Abādīr to participate in the embassy’s celebration.
The author believes that emigrant Copts want to cause a religious riot between the church and the government and to shake the stability of the nation, for the benefit of the Jewish lobby. He stressed that there is no religious persecution in Egypt and that the claims pertaining to Copts facing...
A notification was introduced to the Prosecutor General against the Editor-in-Chief of Sout-Al-Umma because the paper published an article claiming that 70,000 Copt forged rape reports about their wives to get American nationality. The article aroused the anger of Copts and Pope Shenouda said he...
Coptic sources in California discovered that about seventy thousand young Coptic Egyptian men claimed that they were persecuted and submitted false reports stamped with fake stamps about their wives being raped to get access to work and obtain American citizenship.
In his story about living in a town under siege the author writes about the emigration of Christians from the Palestinian areas.


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