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Cornelis Hulsman was impressed by two articles of Maged Atiya [Mājid ʿAṭiyya], a Coptic Orthodox American who was born and raised in Egypt before migrating to the USA. Maged Atiya writes about the impact of Coptic migrants to the USA on Egypt. They remained politically involved but often with an...
The Coptic Solidarity (CS) organization, one of the organizations of the Coptic diaspora in the United States, announced that its two-day global conference will resume coming Thursday. The activities of the first day are to be held at the American Congress, under the title: “Fighting Terrorism...
In the early 1960s during the tenure of late Pope Kyrillos VI, Coptic Orthodox Christians had only seven churches abroad – two in each of the United States, Canada and Australia and only in Britain (1).
 'Ismat Zaqlamah is a doctor who emigrated to United States of America in the 1970s, where he established a Coptic Coalition. He later published a newspaper entitled, "Voice of the Copts," which is characterized with exaggeration and work to mould U.S. public opinion against Egypt.
Some Egyptian Christian emigrants have always been parroting during the former regime's time that they could not come to Egypt to convene meetings and forums for dialogue over the Christian citizens' cares and problems as well as discrimination and challenges facing equality in Egypt.
Jayson Casper responds to two articles in this week's issue about reports of expatriate Copts' calls for Christians in Egypt to carry arms to defend themselves.
CIDT’s Jayson Casper meets Upper Egyptian journalist Nermine Ridā, who tells of the difficulties faced by journalists in the region, and her drive for rigorous journalistic integrity, in addition to commenting on expatriate Coptic reporting. Article full text: On December 15-16, 2009, the Center...
Lotus Qīwān interviews ‘Adlī Abādīr, the godfather of Christians abroad.
Pope Shenouda III said it is natural for a President to belong to the religion of the majority, and it would be rather a “joke” should a Copt run for President. He added that expatriate Copts form no political party and a few of them are extremists.


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