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This article discusses the life of Adli Abadir, a famous businessman and Copt in Egypt and Europe, who died in 2010. He was a close friend to Youssef Sidhom and this article is his remembrance of his dear friend and colleague. .
The Nag Hammadi sectarian crime which took place on Coptic Christmas Eve, 6 January, and which left six Copts dead and nine wounded, triggered wide protest and rallies by Copts in places as wide apart as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Athens and Sydney. Mary Joseph sent Watani live...
Jayson Casper responds to two articles in this week's issue about reports of expatriate Copts' calls for Christians in Egypt to carry arms to defend themselves.
The article reviews Nadir Fawzī’s advocacy of the Coptic demonstration in front of the White House and the meeting of six Copts in Canada with Bishop Yu’annis.
The article highlights a strange change in the attitudes of the Coptic activist Hālah Hilmī Butrus, known as Hālah al-Misrī, in dealing with the Coptic file.
CIDT’s Jayson Casper meets Upper Egyptian journalist Nermine Ridā, who tells of the difficulties faced by journalists in the region, and her drive for rigorous journalistic integrity, in addition to commenting on expatriate Coptic reporting. Article full text: On December 15-16, 2009, the Center...
This article from the Huffington Post draws attention to Christians living in Muslim countries and states that American Christians are not doing enough to help their religious brethren.
Najīb Jibrā’īl writes a letter to President Obama and representatives of 12 Coptic organizations sign the letter.
Lotus Qīwān interviews ‘Adlī Abādīr, the godfather of Christians abroad.
The establishment of the European Union of Coptic Organizations for Human Rights held a conference on November 8, 2008 in Paris to focus on Copts issues and problems in Egypt and put it in the international limelight. The following lines introduce the conference and shed light on the different...


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