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Pope Shenouda stressed that the Egyptian Church will continue fighting homosexuality. He said that the church issued a statement against homosexuality, which is against the teachings of the Holy Bible and against nature itself.
The author comments on the homosexual ‘marriage’ of an Anglican bishop. He comments that this action is a violation of Christian teachings and violation of human rights as well. He praises the stand of Pope Shenouda against homosexuality.
Father Marcos Aziz Khalil comments on the issue of homosexuality in the light of the teachings of the Holy Bible. He stresses that it is a sin which Christianity condemns and is totally against. He also comments on the Biblical characteristics that a person should have to be a bishop. He wants to...
The text comments on the spread of homosexuality among Roman Catholic clergy and discusses the medical problems around homosexuality. It reports the attitudes of human rights organizations as well as those of Pope John Paul II and Pope Shenouda III toward the issue.
An inter-religious dialogue meeting between the Azhar and the Anglican Church was canceled by the Azhar. The reason is the admission of American Bishop John Robinson, who is homosexual.
Pope Shenouda declared that he would start an international campaign against homosexuality. He revealed to the Middle East News Agency that he received death threats while he was in Australia because of his stand against homosexuality.
The Holy Council of the Orthodox Church condemned legalizing homosexuality either through acknowledging the marriages of homosexuals or having them appointed as clergymen, as happened lately with the homosexual bishop of New Hampshire, US
The writer comments on the crisis of the Anglican Church in Britain after discovering that Dr. George Carey, the former bishop of Canterbury, consecrated two homosexual bishops.
For the first time, members of an American Episcopal Church have chosen a man as bishop who frankly declared that he is a homosexual.
Through their Internet site www.gayegypt.com , gays in Egypt “insulted” the Prophet Muhammad by interpreting some events in his life as an indication of gayness.


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