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The article explains that Pope Shenouda is now against reform, although he has once been one of its strongest supporters.
The author shows the importance of religious renewal, differences with Europe and the reasons for this.
Transcript of a speech presented by William Dalrymple at the American University in Cairo, highlighting his experiences traveling to Christian Holy sites throughout the Middle East, as well as his personal interpretation of political Islām. He includes references to both historical and present day...
The appointment of a female leader in the Episcopal Church ignites controversy in Christian circles. Coptic clergymen argue that the ordination of a woman is unacceptable, while clergymen in the U.S. defend their decision of appointing a female.
Ikrām Lam‘ī refers to the contradiction of the political agenda of Islamist groups in Egypt, who reject a religious president like George Bush, and hail the return of the secular Democratic Party.
‘Alā’ Bayyūmī discusses Walter Russell Mead’s article ’God’s country,’ published in September 2006 by the Foreign Affairs magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations.
The article discusses the belief rampant in extremist circles in the US and Europe about the end-of-the-world battle of Armageddon. Many voices consider the Israeli war in southern Lebanon to be the final confrontation between the forces of good and evil.
A book about Christian Zionism that is essential for the understanding of the religious dimensions of American support for Israel.
The authors criticize the silence of key religious institutions in Egypt over recent events in Lebanon.
Martin Accad argues that there are many misunderstandings about certain realities in the Middle East, the first of which has to do with the use of the term "terrorist." He also discusses apocalyptic forms of Islam and Christianity, and how people can help the situation.


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