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In his book Nothing’s Scared, playwright and stand-up comedian, Lewis Black refutes this argument and claims that the American people no longer care about religion. Black includes references to Mormonism and polygamy.
A Mexican-born priest once alleged that Jesus Christ met him on January 1, 1976 and personally asked him to pick "a beautiful bride" for him. He said that Jesus has settled in a simple house in the Arizona desert. Between 1970 to 1994, 257,000 people have emerged in the United States with similar...
A discussion of declining church attendance in the Netherlands.
The author of the article states that ideas of the face of Christ change according to culture.
A critique of the controversial work of researcher Yustina Saleh on the 2nd article of the Egyptian constitution, which states that sharī‘a is the main source of law.
How does one write a polemic that’s non-polemical, a manifesto that’s not manifestly so? With Christians Observed, the Revd. Dr John Watson, a priest in the Church of England and frequent contributor to Watani, has managed to answer the question.
The Presbyterian Church in the U.S. took extreme security measures after receiving a threat from fundamentalist Jewish American groups to burn the church during congregation hours. The threat was received in response to the church’s policy towards the Middle East, which the groups found anti-...
The second part of Samuel P. Huntington’s recent book Who Are We? America’s Great Debate is trying to entrench some main ideas like the components of American identity, the Anglo-Protestant culture, religion and Christianity. - See art. 15: Rev. Akram Lama'i speaks about Zionist Christianity.
In this interview, Rev. Akram Lama’i, head of the Higher Council of the Evangelical Church, speaks about the image of Islam, national unity, US occupation of Iraq, Arab Christians, Zionist Christianity, inter-religious dialogue and other issues.
Representatives of the Presbyterian Church and members of various Jewish groups in the United States met on September 29 in New York to discuss the decision of the church to boycott Israel and any organization whose annual donations to Israel exceed one million U.S. dollars. The decision, reached...


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