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The Western occupation of the East has been the source of many fake images the West has portrayed the East with. As the Western occupation of the East predates the emergence of Islam, the Roman [Byzantine] West portrayed false images about Eastern Christianity, culture and civilization in order to...
Pope Johan Paul II´s peace envoy met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. He discussed means to guarantee peace and directed a call to the world´s conscience to avert war.
Pope John Paul II´s special envoy announced yesterday that he will meet with President Saddam Hussein after his talks with Iraqi Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister. He held a mass for the sake of peace in Baghdad.
Comment on the role played by official Christian churches and denominations in the US and the whole world in regard to the Iraqi and Palestinian issues. The article explains that there is a difference between the tendencies of the US Christian Right Wing and those of official churches.
The head of the Board of Advisors of the Protestant Church in Germany described President Bush as a “religious extremist.” He pointed out that Bush behaves as if he has received a divine message that he tries to get across
Overview of reactions and demonstrations against the anticipated war on Iraq in the US, Denmark, Australia, Portugal and Egypt.
Dozens of Christian religious men in the US urged President Bush to avert waging war on Iraq. They asserted that such a war would be a violation of the teachings of Christ. They published their appeal in a full-page in The New York Times.
Background about the life of Father Christian van Nispen in Egypt [member of the AWR-Editorial Board], his activities and his relationships with Muslim sheikhs and scholars.
The number of monks and nuns in Europe decreased from 4500 in 1966 to 927 in 2001. This decrease is due to the radical change in the role of the Church and its impact on the society. Furthermore, sexual liberty and luxury helped in the youth’s turning away from the Church and monasticism.
The author criticizes the Azhar for not defending Islam against the Western attacks. He gives many examples on how Islam is attacked in the Western press and by American Evangelical leaders.


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