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A schedule of a visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt is given.
The Vatican officially announced during a press conference the date and program of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt. The 3-day visit will start on 25 February, during which the Pope will meet with President Hosni Mubarak ... The Pope will also meet with His Eminence the Grand Sheikh of the...
The Country’s security prosecution ordered the arrest of 59 suspects in the Kosheh incidents, including the Coptic priest of the village. The head of the State Information Service confirmed that Pope John Paul II, the Pope of the Vatican will be visiting Egypt on the twenty-sixth of next month.
Mr. Nabil Osman, the head of the State Information Service, declared that the Egyptian government expects the visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt at the end of next month.
The grand imam Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, met the Vatican delegation which is visiting Egypt in order to prepare for the visit of Pope John II, the Pope of the Vatican, to Egypt on February 24 [, 2000].
Sub-titles: The issue of Jerusalem will not be solved through negotiations, be ready for other options. I refused to visit Bethlehem because the Israeli flag profanes its lands. We have to take an action to face the Israeli nuclear domination With confidence, faith and cheerfulness, Pope Shenouda...
The Vatican announced that they were informed by Iraq that the boycott imposed by the United Nations and the no-flying zones will make the Pope’s visit to the city of Ur impossible.
The construction of a mosque in Nazareth has not caused a crisis between the Vatican and Israel, which will "very warmly receive" Pope John Paul II next year, Israel’s envoy to the Holy See said on Friday.
Pope John Paul hopes to fulfill his dream of tracing the footsteps of Jesus Christ next March when he makes a visit to Holy Land sites ruled by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Vatican said Wednesday.
Interview with Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Grand Sheikh of the Azhar, about a range of actual subjects in Egypt, including regulating pilgrimage, his opposition to the embargo of Iraq, religious censorship, the new magazine of the Azhar, a fatwa on taking loans, presenting religious personalities...
Iraq’s Roman Catholic patriarch said on Sunday that Pope John Paul’s trip to Iraq could start between Jan. 16 and 20 next year. The Vatican sends a high-level delegation next weekend to discuss details of the trip.
With just two months to go before the start of the new Millennium, Israel is bracing itself for an influx of Christian cranks, who at best see the date as heralding the return of the Messiah and the Last Judgment and at worst are suspected of wanting to hasten these events.
The Vatican announced yesterday that Pope John Paul II will not visit Iraq before January next year.
Plans for Pope John Paul to visit Iraq are on hold for the moment, the Vatican’s foreign minister said on Monday. Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran told Vatican Radio that preparations for the trip, were in "a pause for reflection."
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein congratulated Pope John-Paul II on Friday on the 21st anniversary of the start of his pontificate, amidst rumors that the Pope’s visit to Iraq, planned for December, could be postponed until next year.
A group calling itself ’An elite of Iraqi thinkers and intellectuals’ criticized the visit of Pope John Paul II to Iraq because the statements made are not in accordance with Islam.
A Catholic bishop warned in a speech before the College of Cardinals and in the presence of Pope John Paul II, against what he called the threats of an new Islamic invasion of Europe. At the same time, he expressed his confidence that the ultimate victory will be achieved by Christians.
The Vatican said Thursday Israel’s controversial plans to build a mosque near the main Christian shrine in Nazareth, where Jesus grew up, were a hindrance to preparations for a visit by Pope John Paul.
The Vatican and Iraq have begun to plan a possible visit by Pope John Paul II to Iraq to celebrate the Millennium, sources at the Vatican embassy in Baghdad said on Sunday.
Iraqi Christians want Pope John Paul II to visit their country and speak out against the embargo, but the United States and other countries leading the sanctions against Iraq would just as soon he stay home.


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