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Never over all the years that I have visited this country have I seen Iraq in such miserable state as I saw it last month. During the eight years of brutal fighting with Iran, Iraqi media officials kept views of their people’s pain and suffering confined to hospitals and graveyards. Today, after...
Iraqi Catholics, hoping for relief from sanctions, look forward to a proposed visit by Pope John Paul II. If there’s any hope among Iraqi Christians that things could take a turn for the better, it’s pinned on an upcoming visit by Pope John Paul II.
Iraq’s leading Christian cleric said Wednesday he believed Pope John Paul II remained committed to a controversial millennium pilgrimage to Iraq and that he expected him to meet President Saddam Hussein.
Israeli Public Security Minister Shlomo Ben Ami and the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah failed to reach agreement on Tuesday on a land dispute between Muslims and Christians in Nazareth that threatens to mar Millennium celebrations.
The RNSAW asked father Dr. Christiaan van Nispen to respond to the press reports about the statement of Bishop Giuseppe Bernardini. Dr. van Nispen says the statement of the bishop should be read in its context and should be placed besides many other statements of the Pope and important Catholic...
Pope John Paul II recently announced that he had lived, during his childhood, in a house owned by a Jew. Surprisingly, the grandchild of the owner appeared, taking the necessary measures to prove his ownership of the house!
Israel said on Tuesday it will bar any new building in the biblical town of Nazareth in 2000, a move that could effectively block the construction of a controversial mosque before a planned visit by Pope John Paul II.
A Muslim leader in Nazareth demanded Saturday that the Vatican stay out of a dispute between Muslims and Christians. The Vatican opposes the construction of a mosque near the Church of the Annunciation.
Love is the magic word Christianity is founded on, giving way to springs of mercy, gentleness and wonder to gush out. However, love, the backbone of Christianity, has been severely hit but not in a back-breaking way, by Pope Shenouda when he decided not to pray over the body of the priest Ibrahim...
Pope John Paul will briefly visit St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai Peninsula in December as part of a trip he has planned to mark the new millennium, an aide to the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Sinai said on September 2.
It is expected that Pope John Paul the second, the Pope of the Vatican, will visit Sinai on December 5. This will be his first visit to Egypt.
The Pope of the Vatican decided to visit Iraq on December 1 and 2. The author believes the Pope wants to confirm that Islam and Christianity rule the world and not America.
The Greek Orthodox Bishop of the Sinai, Bishop Damyanous, confirmed that Pope John Paul the second will visit Sinai. He said that the Pope will visit the places where Moses was before. This visit will happen after his visit to Iraq.
Opposition to Pope John Paul’s possible trip to Iraq widened Thursday when Iraqi dissident groups joined the United States and Jewish leaders in expressing concern about the visit.
Intention of Pope John Paul II to visit Iraq, among other countries in the Middle East, for millennium celebrations, has been known for over a year. But this week the United States made its disapproval of the impending trip public as it has become clear that the Vatican organizers are going ahead...
Pope John Paul II will make a "pilgrimage" in Iraq at the beginning of December and will meet President Saddam Hussein, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael Bidawid said on August 27. "The dates have not yet been fixed but the visit will take place between December 2 and 5," the Baghdad-based...
Beirut: Iraq’s Catholic Patriarch said yesterday that Pope John Paul might visit Iraq during the first week of December.
The Vatican nowadays is exposed to harsh wind that was raised by a book, which was written by ten unknown bishops, except one [who is known] who is Luigi Marinalli. The Monseigneur, who worked for 35 years in the Council of Eastern Churches. The book reveals a lot of scandals.
The Vatican has recently announced that Pope John Paul II will visit the holy places in the Middle East in March 2000. It is hoped that the visit will provide an opportunity for the Pope to meet with Muslims and that the meeting will enhance the knowledge and mutual appreciation and respect between...
In an advance text of the [Roman Catholic] Pope’s remarks handed out to reporters, the Pope mentioned areas in Iraq, Egypt, and cities in the Holy Land ruled by Israel and the Palestinian Authority as places he would like to visit.


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