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Near thirty journalists gathered at the Cairo Foreign Press Association headquarters to gain insight on the process involved in selecting a successor to the recently deceased Pope Shenouda. Arab West Report presented its research on the subject, accepting also further inquiries.
The author gives an overview of Pope Benedict’s life and how he distinguished himself in the past as a powerful but controversial conservative factor in the Vatican.
The Vatican denied that Pope John Paul II intends to leave his position due to the deterioration of his health. However, speculations abound surrounding preparations for choosing his successor.
The statements of the German bishop Karl Liman on the health condition of Pope John Paul II has broken the iron wall hiding the health condition of the old man who is 81-years old It raised discussions that were never raised in public before about the probabilities of the resignation of the Pope...
Will the next Vatican Pope be black? This question was raised recently because of the bad health conditions of Pope John II. There are a lot of rumors which say that Pope John will resign after the celebration of the beginning of the third millennium due to his old age and his bad health. There...
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