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Responses on AWR’s special report about Pope Benedict’s lecture. Recommendation of an interesting article about Islamophobia online.
The review takes up varied opinion articles in the Egyptian and Arab press about the statements of Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church in which he purportedly attacked Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in a lecture he gave in a German university.
A review of the statements made in response to statements made by Pope Benedict XVI of the Vatican in Germany which sparked anger from many Arab and Islamic countries as well as from Muslim communities in Europe. Calls were made for a clear official apology.
Dr Hulsman analyses the lecture of Pope Benedict, noting that the text showed that his lecture was unfortunate but the translation made it even worse. The report notes several translation mistakes from the original German text to English. The Arabic texts were then translations of the English....
Comment and analysis on Pope Benedict XVI using a quote of a Byzantine emperor in a lecture. The danger of stereotyping Arabs as terrorists.
Egyptian press showing struggles in how to deal with rumors and emotions. Pope Benedict XVI used a quote of a Byzantine emperor in a surprisingly harsh form.
In an interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī, Algeria’s former permanent representative at the Arab League, Dr. Mustafa Sharīf, speaks out on his latest book, ’L’islam, tolérant ou intolerant? ’ [Tolerant or intolerant Islam?], in which he attempts to correct widespread negative perceptions of...
The author tackles the visit paid by Pope Benedict XVI to Auschwitz, Poland, where the Nazi German army committed brutal massacres of European Jews and others in what is known as the Holocaust.
Elizabeth Yell reviews an article, given to AWR by Dr. ‘Alī al- Simmām, head of the Committee of Dialogue and Islamic Relations in the Higher Council for Islamic Affairs, which he found to be highly significant on the changing attitude of the Vatican towards Christians in the Middle East.
During their meeting yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI and British Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed on the need for interfaith and intercultural dialogue to combat terrorism, underscoring the contribution that common values among religions can make to dialogue, particularly with Islam.


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