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The Vatican has recently announced that Pope John Paul II will visit the holy places in the Middle East in March 2000. It is hoped that the visit will provide an opportunity for the Pope to meet with Muslims and that the meeting will enhance the knowledge and mutual appreciation and respect between...
In an advance text of the [Roman Catholic] Pope’s remarks handed out to reporters, the Pope mentioned areas in Iraq, Egypt, and cities in the Holy Land ruled by Israel and the Palestinian Authority as places he would like to visit.
Will the next Vatican Pope be black? This question was raised recently because of the bad health conditions of Pope John II. There are a lot of rumors which say that Pope John will resign after the celebration of the beginning of the third millennium due to his old age and his bad health. There...
Pope John Paul II said in a letter on Wednesday he intended to make a major pilgrimage to the Holy Land, starting from Jordan, to mark the Great Jubilee of the year 2000.
Vatican circles are currently concerned with preparations for a program that will bring Pope John Paul II to the Sinai in Egypt, Ur in Iraq, and occupied Jerusalem. An apology by the head of the Church for the Crusades will open a new era of relationships not only between the West and Muslims but...
The Vatican and Al-Azhar issued a joint statement condemning "barbaric practices" in Kosovo, and called for a speedy end to the conflict in the Balkans.
Pope Shenouda III received an invitation from the Vatican to participate in its celebrations of the third millennium measured from the birth of Jesus Christ.
Because Sinai is the holy land where God appeared and witnessed the journeys of the prophets, this land at the beginning of the following year will become the greatest religious tourist place in the world.


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