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The author presents his view about the crisis of the Orthodox Church in Egypt.
The author gives an overview of Pope Benedict’s life and how he distinguished himself in the past as a powerful but controversial conservative factor in the Vatican.
The Roman Catholic Church and the BBC are involved in a heated debate over a documentary program, which accused Pope Benedict XVI of encouraging secrecy in dealing with cases of clergy sexually abusing children, while he was a cardinal. The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of...
The controversial Islamic writer Jamāl al-Bannā reveals his views on the reasons behind religious violence, ijtihād and Islamic conquests.
Egyptian newspapers present mixed reactions to Pope Benedict’s "apology" for comments he made earlier this month on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. In light of the already tense atmosphere in the Muslim world, a Berlin opera company canceled Mozart’s ’Idomeneo’ for fear of protest over...
From Rasputin to Bin Lādin, religion has always had a role in politics and in political plans. The following text depicts biographies of a number of people whose religious engagements played a role in their political life.
This article discusses the political influence of key church figures.
From the crusades until now, religion has always been taken as an excuse to wage war. The pope’s recent attitude reveals his political orientation.
Angry reactions to Pope Benedict’s remarks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad continued for a second week. Some Muslim figures, including Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Malaysian Prime Minister ‘Abd Allāh Ahmad Badawī, have accepted the pope’s regret at the furious reactions to his remarks...
The review deals with varied opinions about Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks considered offensive in Muslim and Arab countries amidst calls to expel the papal nuncio in Egypt and put the interfaith dialogue with the Vatican on the back burner.


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