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The author reviews the book ‘Listening to Islam’ by The Revd. Dr. John Watson, in which he “brings to light the intimate prayerful relationship that the devout Catholic monk, Thomas Merton, had with the Pakistani Sufi mystic-scholar, Abdul Aziz.” Watson asserts “Islam deserves to be listened to.”
The author reflects on the life and experiences of Michael Fitzgerald, the new Apostolic Nuncio to Egypt and the Roman Catholic delegate to the League of Arab States and the significant future contributions he can make to Christian-Muslim dialogue.
The author describes the Coptic Orthodox church at VilleJuif, just beyond the city center of Paris, particularly noting the resurrection mosaic on its facade and the work of the famous Coptic iconographer Adel Nassief.
The author reflects on the lives of major spiritual figures in Coptic Orthodoxy and what they demonstrated in terms of spirituality and prayer.
Coptologia, which publishes books on Coptic issues, has celebrated its silver jubilee by issuing a book that is an academically oriented autobiography entitled The Coptic Holy Icon, encompassing twenty-four chapters of voluminous study.
Relations between the Anglican church and some Jews are strained after a vote in the Church of England’s General Synod concerning investment in companies profiting from Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, in particular Caterpillar Inc., an American machinery company.
A review of the book ‘Listening to Islam’ by Rev. John Watson, concerning dialogue between Muslims and Christians.
Discussion about creationism, including the comments of the Archbishop of Canterbury on the issue.
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Memories of Rev. Dr. Otto Meinardus.


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