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The US Coptic Association denounces the actions of some al-Ahly fans during a football match.
During Obama’s meeting with President Mubarak, Copts protested the situation of Christians in Egypt. Demonstrators held banners with slogans such as "Mubarak: Make peace at home first…No more gross injustice towards Copts" and "Stop forcing Coptic girls into Islam". Some believe that Mubarak was...
This article looks at the relationship between expatriate Copts and Egyptian Copts, as well as what Coptic expatriates see as their role in defending the rights of Egyptian Copts.
Nādir Fawzī, one of the founders of the Coptic Parliament and Head of the Christians of Middle East Organization, talks about the Pope, the Church, the government and Coptic organizations.
This article outlines the inception of an international Coptic Parliament, which is currently lobbying for support and international recognition. This will allow Copts to have a voice on the international level of politics and society.
Leaders of Coptic expatriate organizations are trade accusations and conflict in opinions in a conference in Bonn.
The Coptic expatriate conference in Germany raised suspicions about its real agenda.
Coptic expatriates organizations support Muhammad al-Barādi‘ī in the coming presidential elections and call on Copts to vote for him.
This article deals with a number of different ways in which the Muslim-Christian relationship is thought of and portrayed in Egypt, as well as the influence of expatriate Copts. The article begins with describing how some prominent Muslims believe that it is Copts outside of Egypt who mostly incite...
Al-Wafd interviews Bahyy al-Dīn Hasan, human rights activist, asking about reasons and solutions for fitnah in Egypt. 


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