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A Sūfī shaykh accuses Coptic expatriates of tarnishing Egypt’s image and destroying Muslim-Christian relations.
Najīb Jibrā’īl writes a letter to President Obama and representatives of 12 Coptic organizations sign the letter.
A delegation from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs promises Copts in Britain that actions will soon be taken to solve Copts’ problems in Egypt.
This article discusses the fluctuating two faced relationship between the church and expatriate Copts. Although the church seeks to strengthen the role played by expatriate Copts abroad, it, at the same time, puts on the mask of being the calming force between the state and expatriate Copts in...
European Copts have been invited to attend a conference on religious freedom in Egypt that will be held in Germany later this month.
Members of Michael Munīr’s fan group on facebook call on U.S. Copts to work for giving Bahā’īs, Shī‘ah, and converts to Christianity more freedom of creed in Egypt.
The establishment of the European Union of Coptic Organizations for Human Rights held a conference on November 8, 2008 in Paris to focus on Copts issues and problems in Egypt and put it in the international limelight. The following lines introduce the conference and shed light on the different...
The author says that Bishop Bīshūy, secretary of the Holy Synod, said that expatriate Copts who hold demonstrations abroad are violating the instructions of Christ, and thus could be considered infidels. The author, concerned with the harshness of this accusation, discusses the opinion of other...
The author describes various positions on the demonstrations of Expatriate Copts abroad. Foreign countries, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic organization seem to be little affected by these demonstrations.
Copts are calling for Easter to be made a state holiday in Egypt and the chairman of the Coptic Assembly has demanded that expatriate Copts be included in the electoral register.


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