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The author warns against Islamic extremists and the danger they pose to the world, suggesting that Islam nowadays poses the same threat as fascism in 1930s.
To start with I ask my friend Dr. Nabil Sharaffeddin’s permission to borrow from a title he used for an article printed in Watani last October. The article was entitled “Tales from Najaa al-Nassaara” (Egyptian colloquial for Upper Egyptian hamlets –Najaa-the majority of whose inhabitants are...
In this article, Sulymān Yousuf Yousuf presents his opinion regarding the different dimensions of the Coptic issue. He believes that conferences held in the US and Switzerland on problems facing Copts are the first step toward internationalizing the Coptic issue.
President of the U.S. Copts Association, Michael Munīr, has been severely criticized over his recent visit to Egypt and his meeting with a number of top officials. A number of expatriate Coptic activists have seen Munīr’s visit as "an act of betrayal of the Coptic cause.” Others have regarded the...
The article discusses the political system in Egypt after 1952 made people feel loyal to the system and not the state.
In an interview with Sawt al-Umma, ‘Adlī Abādīr responds to accusations of inciting sectarian strife, receiving foreign funds and working against Egypt’s national interests.
The author expresses his concern that ex-pat Copts in the US are fuelling sectarian tensions within Egypt.
Jamāl As‘ad argues that Copts have long been treated as a foreign community in Egypt and that Amercain Copts are fuelling sectarian tensions in Egypt.
When news of the first Coptic Symposium which convened in Zurich last September first came out, those who organised it and those who planned to take part in it all became targets of a fierce denunciation and condemnation campaign in the Egyptian media. My only comment then was that, once the...
The fatal point of weakness in the 1st Coptic symposium in the Swiss city of Zurich was that it tried to be secular but could not abide until the end by this noble call that enhances Egyptians’ unity and consequently functions as a life buoy from a merciful fate at the end of a dark tunnel.


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