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Human rights activist and member of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, Mīnā Thābit, uncovered that the Egyptian national security apparatus demanded a church to remove a marble plaque, commemorating the lives of those lost in front of the Maspero Television building in 2011.  The...
The three major churches of Egypt condemned the statement of Khayrat Al-Shātir, MB’s Deputy Supreme Guide, and described it as an attempt to ignite inter-communal conflicts in Egypt. 
In another statement by the Maspro Youth Union, it said that the peaceful march will start gathering at 07:00 p.m., move at 08:00 p.m. and stops at Maspero until 10:00 p.m., adding there are no plans to go on a sit-in considering the circumstances the country is going through after the “martyrdom...
Bishop Jeremiah, the head of the Coptic Cultural Center, has stated that as a citizen he rejects the amendment of Article 3 of the Constitution. He argued that amending it to be from “Christians and Jews” to “non- Muslims” will be harmful to both Muslims and Christians. He stated that the...
The “Coptic Scream” movement launched a campaign called “No to Brotherhoodization of Education”. 
The Maspero Youth Union is currently putting the final touches on the “Citizenship Document” in which they specified the problems that Copts are facing.
UNHCR has stated that the Christian militias in CAR are attacking  innocent people who are trying to escape from the sectarian violence in the country and are forcing them to take dangerous border routes 
‘Iffat  al-‘Iryān, the husband of ‘Imān Marcos, known as the woman of Jabal al- Tayr that the leaders of the church sent his wife to an unknown place until things calm down in the village.
‘Imān Marcus Sarophim, who is known as the “lady of the Jabal al- Tayr village” whose absence from home and her alleged abduction has led to acts of violence, has returned to her house.
General Muhammad Ibrahim, Minister of Interior,  held a closed meeting with a church delegation to discuss the crisis of Jabal al- Tāyr in Minya.


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