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On Wednesday the Egyptian Court of Cassation sentenced the monk Ashʿiyāʾ al-Maqārī, who was accused of killing the Bishop of the Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great [Dayr Abū Maqār], to death. The punishment of the second accused was lowered to a life sentence. Both verdicts are final.
On Sunday 14th of September, more than 200 Copts attacked a police station in the village Jabal al-Tayr, belonging to the governorate Minya, with Molotov cocktails which hurt three policemen and destroyed three police cars.
Many women believe that they pay an expensive price for the presence of radicalism and fundamentalism across all three [Abrahamic] religions. In Egypt, the issue of being a Christian woman assuming a senior religious role remains a big problem. Recently, Coptic women started to seek to...
Michael Munīr was born in 1968 in Egypt in Abu Qurqas near Minia to a Coptic Catholic family even though he today considers himself Coptic Orthodox. Munīr refers to his life in Egypt as a member of an oppressed Christian minority without religious freedom, citing this as his reason to emigrate to...
The idea of enlightenment has the power to change a society and apply the dream of a civil society. In Egyptian society this would mean getting rid of both the Coptic and Islamic salafī way of thinking, which imposes fanaticism and rejects change, as well as getting rid of the religious state.
A Muslim girl has died from injuries sustained after jumping out of a minibus, to avoid being molested by men.
Rumors have spread about the escalating tension between the Coptic public and the church leadership. While many voices complained about the “tyranny” of the church leadership, church sources denied the rumors and attributed the problems and protests to misunderstandings.
John Watson provides a review of John Fullerton’s novel entitled, ‘This Green Land.’ It is a story that focuses on a young Christian woman, Reem, who was brainwashed and subsequently used by violent ideologies and beliefs. Fullerton provides an insight into the origins of terrorist and extremists...
Usāmah Salāmah comments on the letters of Father Marqus and Munīr Bishāy about Father Marqus’ last interview with al- Miṣrī al-Yawm.
The article presents a dialogue with the famous Egyptian geologist, Dr. Rushdī Sa‘īd, in which he talks about Copts and citizenship.


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