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Pope Shenouda accepted a donation from Queen Elizabeth II, assigning an old church building [in England] to the Egyptian Orthodox Church. Pope Shenouda thanked the queen, saying it expressed the good bonding relationship between the Egyptian and British peoples.
Pope Shenouda accepted a grant given by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The grant specified that an old Church of England building is to be changed into an Egyptian Orthodox Church. The aim of the grant is to serve the Egyptian community in Britain.
The biggest Coptic church in the world will be built in New York on a surface area of more than ten feddans and will cost $70 million. An Egyptian Coptic engineer and an American engineering office won the international competition that was held to design the church.
President Hosni Mubarak has met the delegation of the Coptic Churches in America. The head of the delegation declared that they were all proud of being Egyptians and supporting President Mubarak. He also pointed out that the minority which is trying to defame Egypt does not belong to the Egyptians...
The Catholic church refused to renew the contract of the building which the Egyptian church rents in Paris.


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