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Some Coptic organizations announced planned protests outside the UN building in New York during Egyptian President Muhammad Mursī’s visit Monday
Bishop Bula of Tantā and Chairman of the Clerical Council, said the Orthodox Church and General Bishop David of the United States are working out arrangements for an expected visit by President Mursī to New York on Wednesday (September 26).
After being disbarred from the Syndicate of Lawyers for making offensive comments about God and the Prophet Muhammad, Maurice Sādiq, the head of the National American Coptic Assembly, accused the syndicate of anti-Semitism. He claims to have appealed to the American Lawyers’ Syndicate, the United...
Moná Abū Sakīn criticizes expatriate Coptic activist Morris Sādiq, in particular for his stance on the issue of Israel and Palestine.
Leaders of Coptic expatriate organizations are trade accusations and conflict in opinions in a conference in Bonn.
Coptic expatriates organizations support Muhammad al-Barādi‘ī in the coming presidential elections and call on Copts to vote for him.
Al-Wafd reports on Maurice Sādiq’s attacks on major Christian figures in Egypt.  
Two Coptic organizations call on Copts to boycott President Mubārak along with candidates from the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling National Democratic Party in the coming presidential elections.  
Al-Maydān reports about Maoris Sādiq’s request to impose international supervision on Egypt.  
The article reviews Nadir Fawzī’s advocacy of the Coptic demonstration in front of the White House and the meeting of six Copts in Canada with Bishop Yu’annis.


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