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The author slams calls to kill those who desert Islam for other religions, emphasizing people’s freedom of religion.
[Report presented to the New York Council of Churches] The history of seven girls mentioned in the advertisement is described. That description is followed by listing the reasons for conversion and recommendations for human rights workers, the church and the government. The text is open for...
The Governor of Northern Sinai is working to make the anniversary celebrations of the entry of Islam to Egypt consistent with the holiness of the event honoring the receiving of Islam and its armies.
In the previous articles in Usbua reference was made to this article. The RNSAW found the text and translated it for its readers. Maurice Sadek is accused of demanding foreign intervention to protect the Copts of Egypt. Sadek explains his views.
As part of the continuous effort at the popular level in Egypt to support a Muslim-Christian dialogue, a symposium was held by a religious society last week.
The story of a Filipino computer engineer who recently converted to Islam.


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