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Bishop Marqus, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of Shubrā-al-Khaymah held an interview with the Cairo-based Danish photo-journalist Flemming Weiss Andersen and Jayson Casper, the international coordinator for the ZIVIC peacemaking initiative at the Center for Arab West Understanding (CAWU). During the...
The author highlights the recently published book ‘Al-Mutahawwilūn Dīniyyan’ [Religious Converts] by Hānī Nasīrah.
The article sheds light one the disagreement between Pope Shenouda and Maximus with regard to divorce and remarriage.
A convert’s lawyer blames the Azhar for not taking procedures to reveal medical and mental facts behind certain people’s will to convert to Islam.
Shukrī reports on three different issues related to Muslim-Christian relations. First he comments on the ruling regarding Christians who converted to Islam and now want to re-embrace Christianity. Secondly he comments on a Muslim that was killed by a Copt in Alexandria and finally he mentions the...
Christian converts to Islam who re-embraced Christianity and were given the right to change their religion on official papers back to Christianity are complaining on a daily basis that the Ministry of Interior does not approve the court ruling, allegedly because of the involvement of some...
The public prosecutor has launched an appeal on behalf of Camilia Lutfī to change the 2008 court ruling that granted her husband custody of their children.
The Supreme Administrative court has decided to postpone the hearing in the case of Christian born individuals who converted to Islam and then reconverted to Christianity.
Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Orthodox Church calls on the Egyptian first lady to intervene to end the problem of converts who want to re-embrace Christianity at governmental institutes.
Watani International tells the story of a custody battle between two divorced parents. The story was further complicated by the fact that the child’s father converted to Islam.


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