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The Alexandria Court of Appeals has ruled that the Muslim father of two Christian boys should be given custody of his children.
A court ruling has given Mario and Andrew’s Muslim father custody of his two Christian children
A Christian woman is detained for alleged forged documents noting that they were Christian, a fact that was questioned by a court in relation to their father’s brief conversion to Islam over 30 years ago.
The article details the findings presented by the National Council for Human Rights on the condition of human rights in Egypt.
Ranā Mamdūh reports that the Administrative Judicial Court, headed by Counselor Muhammad al-Husaynī, the deputy head of the State Council, decided to adjourn the judgment in 12 lawsuits filed by Christian converts to Islam.
The authors interviewed the female Kenyan Muslim preacher ‘Ā’ishah Wangari Kamango on the reasons behind her conversion to Islam.
Khalīl presents a history of the advice and guidance sessions held with Copts who want to convert to Islam.
The author comments on two recent court rulings concerning freedom of belief. One concerns Christians who converted to Islam and then back to Christianity and the other gives Bahā’īs the right to leave the religion box empty on ID cards.
The article reports on a letter of Max Michel to Pope Shenouda, in which Michel points to how Christians of Egypt have been increasingly abandoning their faith because of hardships in obtaining church divorce.
Bishop Marqus, the head of the media committee at the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church declares that the percentage of conversion among Muslims of Shubrā al-Khaymah is one per hundred thousand Christians, hence, denying previous statistics.


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