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In the article the author comments on what he sees as the changes in Egyptian society in recent decades.
The article focuses on the custody battle taking place over two Christian born children whose father has converted to Islam. The Christian mother’s lawyers state that the father has been manipulating religions.
The article describes the outcomes of a recent seminar in which a number of Muslim scholars discussed the application of Riddah in Islam.
Two university law professors have proposed a law to establish the procedures for converting from one religion to another.
The article discusses the alleged disappearance of Coptic girls, criticizing the difficulties that parents face in being able to file a legal document to report their daughter’s disappearance.
Dr. Sa‘īd Shiḥātah criticizes an episode of the TV popular program ‘10 PM’ and its host Muná al-Shādhilī, in which she invited the two Coptic brothers Andrew and Mario who spoke about their suffering following their father’s conversion to Islam.
The author talks about newspapers that publish stories about conversion from one religion to another, believing that they aim at inflaming sectarian sedition under the guise of the freedom of the press.
The author discusses the case of Mario and Andrew, and the problems that they continue to face in continuing their education.
Andrew and Mario’s mother sent a thank-you letter to President Ḥusnī Mubārak for his generosity in allowing her children to pass to the second class in their preparatory school.
Counselor Najīb Jabrā’īl accused the police of complicity in the detention of Engy’s father and relatives and of refraining from arresting the girl’s abductor while police chief investigation said that Engy’s father did not file a communiqué on the girl’s disappearance.


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