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When the extremist secular Farag Foda killed himself [this is the formulation of the author. Foda was murdered. See the comments of the RNSAW in the text], Sheikh Al-Sharawi - may God rest his soul - shouted: "Allahu Akbar! If I was to kill anybody, I would have killed this man..."
We must not swallow the bait, and make a funeral of every terrorist activity happening in Egypt, weeping and fearing a terrorism that has come back, and become like diabetes where a patient can only live with the disease, not be cured from it! There is a great difference between the terrorism that...
The writer replies to what he views as attacks on Islamists writers who confront communist and secular writers. The current case being that of Dr. Bayoumi’s defense of Dr. Hassan Hanafi.
Montasir continues his critique of the French teacher who assigned Rodinson’s book for students at AUC.


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