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A website of a London-based Islamic organization has accused the prominent thinker Dr. Ḥasan Ḥanafī of Kufr [apostasy].
Subtitles:- I never play with my words or dress them up, I just take care of everything.- America feels easy at heart with some Islamic tendencies. It even defends their interests.- The security system will not stand still towards violence.- I am not an Islamic writer, but a Muslim writer.- Wearing...
The writer replies to what he views as attacks on Islamists writers who confront communist and secular writers. The current case being that of Dr. Bayoumi’s defense of Dr. Hassan Hanafi.
[Editor in April 2002: This response was written for the RNSAW and at the same time offered for publication to an Egyptian publication. We can no longer trace in our archive which publication this was] Dr. Yehia Ismael Halboush claimed that Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi judges by double standards as he...
Dr. Yehia Ismail attacks Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi for defending Dr. Hassan Hanafi. In a comment on this article Dr. van Nispen argues that this attack of Dr. Ismail is unfair because he takes quotes of Hanafi out of context.
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