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The following lines review an interview with the Azhar Shaykh Dr. Sayyid Tantāwī in which the Shaykh expresses his complete ignorance of the Takfīr of Rose al-Yūsuf, and asks his interviewer to refer to other people or claim a file against the person.
Rajab al-Murshidī from Rose al- Yūsuf meets three members of the panel of evaluation of the Azhar Takfīr thesis who declare that there were many transgressions and errors in the thesis, and reveal that the panel will not accept the thesis unless its author makes certain revisions.
In an interview, Egyptian writer Muhsin Muhammad defends Rose al-Yūsuf against the Takfīr thesis that he considers to be null and void. Muhammad denounces the lack of liberty in Egyptian reality and foretells the coming of liberalism against the religious current.
Ibrāhīm Sa‘dah denounces the Takfīr of Rose al- Yūsuf, and highlights what he calls some “unjust” issues in the thesis of the Azhar researcher, calling on Azhar scholars and parliament members to take a positive role in defending intellectuals and education from unjust Takfīr.
Zaynab Muntasir expresses her shock over the Takfīr Azhar thesis, and asserts the historical and intellectual importance of Rose al- Yūsuf, warning Arab intellectuals of the danger of ideological terrorism.
A group of Azhar scholars declare their opinions on the Azhar researcher’s thesis that deemed Rose al-Yūsuf Kāfir. All scholars denounced the Takfīr; however some approved the negative stance on the periodical.
Rose al-Yūsuf is a democratic magazine established by an outstanding remarkable woman who played a leading role in Egyptian history. ‘Izzat attacks the thesis and its author describing him as the doctor of heterodoxy.
Rose al-Yūsuf continues presenting the different reactions of men of education and literature about the Takfīr thesis. The following lines present the viewpoint of the Egyptian poet Ahmad ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Hijāzī defends Rose al-Yūsuf, and criticizes the Azhar strategy claiming that Egypt needs...
Usāmah Salāmah denounces the silence of the Syndicate of Journalists, the Shūrá Assembly and the organizations of human rights, and calls to file a claim against the researcher who declared Rose al- Yūsuf Kāfir to reject the thesis and cancel his academic degree.
The crisis of the Takfīr thesis caused by an Azhar researcher resulted in serious discussions about the reality of academic life in Egypt. The author of the article criticizes the Azhar’s passiveness before the facility of judging people’s faith.


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