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The author criticizes fatwas that prohibit football and discusses her personal experience while delivering a lecture at one of Saudi Arabia’s universities.
Ahmad Abu al-Hassan presents Colonel Qadhāfī as the leader of the new war between the Sufist and the Salafist movements. Qadhāfī’s war is one in which all possible weapons are to be employed.
Muhammad Rabī‘a discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘militias’ of men and women accusing people of unbelief and criticizing their dress on the public transport system.
The article carry some of the confessions given by suspects in last year’s bombings in different areas of downtown Cairo, which killed a number of tourists and Egyptians and wounded dozens others.
Mamdouh al-Musallami declares the rise of a new generation of terrorist networks, but some experts disagree.
‘Askar accused al- Zifzāf of being an atheist in the People’s Assembly. This dispute embodies the need of reform our religious institutions.
Information was collected about an extremist group that prompts religious strife in Egypt.
A conference was convened recently to discuss ways to stand up to terrorism through the propagation of moderate ideologies in the face of extremism.
Hasan al- Turābī’s liberal stand on women’s rights has angered many Muslim scholars around the world. His recent controversial fatwas, permitting marriage between Muslim women and kitābīs [Reviewer: People of the book: Christians and Jews] and allowing women to lead men in communal prayers,...
The National Security Prosecution arrested an employee who formed a group believing in ideas against Islam and spreading them in his workplace and the area where he lives. The ideas have to do with denying the holy hadiths and claiming that some of the obligations mentioned in the Sunna are not...


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