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Ayman al-Hakīm traces the incident of takfīr a Yemeni poet after he published extremely controversial works.
The article is about a workshop on freedom of expression and the interference of religious men in scientific research.
The article highlights the major defects in the belief of the Shi‘ah by explaining their origins and the falsehood of the Shī‘ah heresy.
Two Muslims face charges of contempt of religion for promoting offensive ideas about Islam.
The author criticizes fatwas that prohibit football and discusses her personal experience while delivering a lecture at one of Saudi Arabia’s universities.
Ahmad Abu al-Hassan presents Colonel Qadhāfī as the leader of the new war between the Sufist and the Salafist movements. Qadhāfī’s war is one in which all possible weapons are to be employed.
Muhammad Rabī‘a discusses the growing phenomenon of ‘militias’ of men and women accusing people of unbelief and criticizing their dress on the public transport system.
The article carry some of the confessions given by suspects in last year’s bombings in different areas of downtown Cairo, which killed a number of tourists and Egyptians and wounded dozens others.
Mamdouh al-Musallami declares the rise of a new generation of terrorist networks, but some experts disagree.
‘Askar accused al- Zifzāf of being an atheist in the People’s Assembly. This dispute embodies the need of reform our religious institutions.


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